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Why, Hello!

     So… what is going on with you?  Oh… That’s nice… and with us… too much!

     Many things have happened and I have thought… OH… I’m going to have to write about that… and not a key was pressed.

     So, we will start with the immediate past and then work our way backwards until we are caught up and then work our way forward again… and if I haven’t lost you… keep reading!  HA!

     I’ll start with today… Novalea had a BIG day!  Well, I’m not sure if it was bigger for Novalea or Devon… seriously, I made a comment that was meant in jest, but she was really dealing with the fact that Novalea was heading to her Kindergarten interview…

     We have driven past the school at times, but Novi grabbed Devon and my hand and was skipping to the door.  She was just a BIT EXCITED!  When we went to “check in” she just wanted to hide behind me and not tell her name… Devon finally talked her into doing so and she even gave a nice smile for her picture!  Nice idea, taking pics of the students immediately!

     So I don’t want to take you down the path of poor text… Here you go!

Not to leave anybody out… Here is Irelyn!

     More to post later!

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